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So, after some discussion and a few mild hijinks, or Garou pack settled on Quicksilver Fox as our totem. Now all we had to do to convince him to be our totem was do something in London that he'd find impressive.

So we're looking at style, cunning, and so on, and eventually we pulled off the following:

Went and got some special monopoly money printed off with a foxes head on it.

Got it dedicated to our Ragabash alpha [ profile] dainul.

Found a poker game that was being run as a scam (it was rigged), managed to get one of the pack into the game.

While he was playing, the rest of the pack were in the Umbra. The Ragabash disabled the cameras by means of disabling the relevant spirits. At which point, the two Ahrouns (myself and [ profile] pmp) drop out of the Umbra behind the guy guarding the safe and knock him out.

The Ragabash then follows through, uses sneaky Ragabash tricks to get the safe open, and swaps out the cash from the poker game (still going on) with the foxopoly money. We then peg it out, using a couple of gifts to ensure we get away clean.

The remaining pack member then proceeds to win the rigged game, despite it being rigged, whereupon the switch is discovered, and he is apologised to, and walks away with a promise of his winnings once the thieves are caught.

We then donate the money to a fund for rebuilding Camden (in the game world, it got hit by a freak sandstorm that devastated it. *twitches slgihtly as another character*).

And walk away with a new totem, and a small degree of smugness (as well as some apprehension, as we have some thoughts about the identities of those we robbed).

But hey, it was fun, and it was really nice of all the people involved who STed and NPCed to take the afternoon out to help us enact the abridged version of Ocean's 11, Garou-style :-)
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Something else I remember from yesterday's post-Mithras diablerie scene....

My Ductus: *takes out stake and looks questioningly at me*
Me: *nods*
Ductus: *tries to stake me. Stake shatters*
Me: That was unexpected.
Ductus: *gets out second stake. Tries to stake. Stake shatters*
Packmate: *hands ductus another stake*
Ductus: *tries to stake. Stake shatters*
Me: Well, this is embarassing...
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Mithras Jack...

Well, I managed to survive a game- convinced the Cammies I was Mithras, and the Sabbat I wasn't. So I'm gloating over the whole, "Tricked the Cammies and got a good diablerie in", in character.

Out of character, I can't help feeling that there's this little clock ticking in the background. The reoccuring totem spirit trying to rip my soul out on a regular basis isn't helping my piece of mind either...

But hey, at least for a brief time, I got to play with cool and funky levels of Fortitude (you know, the sort of level where a flaming incendiary building full of napalm with a large store of sharp aerodynamic metal objects falling on you and exploding is pretty much an annoyance...). So hey, I'm happy. And I have my next character concept ready...:-)
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Took my Sabbat character out to a scene with his pack. We were supposed to prevent a severely weakened Mithras being diablerised, and simply destroy him.

Unfortunately, Mithras, for various reasons wanted to be diablerised. And what Mithras wants, he gets.

Good news: I diablerised Mithras, and showed that devious and sneaky wins over the direct brute force approach, even if you have loads of kewl powers.

Bad news: I diablerised Mithras. So there's a very real chance of me becoming him. Here's hoping my loads (and rising) of willpower, and Luck merit can help.
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Well, this was the major Zeitgeist LARP weekend of the month, with four games. Possibly Of Doom. I enjoyed myself immensely, even if my Amenti character is having a near-permanent stress headache at the moment :P.

To spare the uninterested... )


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