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Discussing stuff with a coworker in another department, and the fact that I'm the only IT guy in tomorrow came up...

CO-WORKER: So tomorrow you're your own boss then?

ME: I'm always my own boss. Just some days I take more suggestions.
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As SysAdmin at work, today I sent out the following email to all the staff...

"Until further notice, all requests for support from the IT department must be submitted in triplicate, using the form found in \dev\null [note: This was a hyperlink, although it didn't actually point anywhere real].

Thankyou for your time."

So far two people have fallen for it, including my mother, who really should know better...


Sep. 7th, 2007 11:16 am
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Finally got the imaging software to function from a network bootable CD.

Who da SysAdmin? I da SysAdmin!
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Term starts again next week- thus it is getting hellishly busy at work, so for the next few weeks at least, I'm going to have my phone off until I get home from work. So if I'm even flakier than normal on responding to texts, that's why...
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Got trapped in the life at work. Turns out no-one can hear the alarm from inside...

Just as well there was mobile reception, and I had several of my co-workers numbers.

If they'd taken too long getting me out and I'd missed my train to see [ profile] ginasketch, then someone would have died. Probably several someones...

Edit: Okay, I meant to say lift. Still, "life" is quite funny...yay for accidental philosophy :-P
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First official day on the job, and there's a hard drive failure on the main server. Le sigh. (I mean, okay, we have a RAID array, so it's not the end of the world, but now I have to do various bits of fixing...)
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Well, just found out that my boss will be off for another week...

Grapevine rumours vary from any day after that, to another week after that, to "not back till the end of term". If I get time, I suppose I'd better try and find an official answer.

Of course, it's all moot in the increasingly unlikely event that I hear today I didn't get the job.

Sorry for any lack/loss of quality of things like downtimes, but currently, I'm part of a department that really needs three people, has two, and one of them is off sick. I'm not fully trained on the vagarities of this particular system, so I'm also having to work it out as I go along. As a result, I may be a little frazzled, as even my fairly impressive reserves of energy are being taxed.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 12:04 pm
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Can't hear about job now till Tuesday, as other candidate had something come up and can't be interviewed till then.

Unofficial word is I've got it. But until I see the official confirmation, I remain nervous...
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Interview in 20 minutes.

Hope I hear the results soon afterwards- the suspense may kill someone else.
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Well, my comp died over the weekend. Fortunately, it just requires a reinstall of windows. But I haven't got round to it yet- I'll be doing so tonight. Which is annoying.

In other news, my boss is away ill all week, leaving me as sole IT guy again.

Amusingly, with my interview on Thursday, it therefore means the only person left who is qualified to ask me technical questions in the interview is, well, me. :-)

Job update

Feb. 23rd, 2007 11:01 am
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According to grapevine sources, it's not seven competitors, it's one...

Hope the grapevine is right.

Still worried though.
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Well, I made the shortlist. Now hopefully I'll have an interview soon...I really need the job and pay rise.


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