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Okay, this will probably mostly appeal to those who like anime (in particular parodies thereof). Although there are various geek references too.

Anyway, there's a game called Billy versus Snakeman. Which is in no-way a parody of a popular anime involving spiky-haired ninja and creepy other ninja who has a snake fetish*.

There's also no subsections involving detergents**. Or books that are unexpectedly deadly when combined with writing implements***. I think they have something involving self-referencing MMOs**** just introduced, and they're working on a faux-pirate bit*****

Anyway, if you want some random fun, and want to help me out, feel free to start playing this game- if you use the link I'm about to provide, and stick with the game past a certain point, I get some small shinies.

Also, if you join the village I'm in (Berserk Village- the Village Hidden in Rage), I get to help you out too.

Here we go: Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN

***Death Note
*****One Piece

Blood Bowl

Mar. 23rd, 2007 12:04 am
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[ profile] matgb got me playing my first game of Blood Bowl in ages. It may come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I feileded an undead team, against his orcs
I won.

Now, this is moderately unusual in itself, although my tactic of knocking over players and then jumping on their heads until they were injured was quite effective. As was Mat's habit of screwing up dice rolls.

It's only when we got to the end of the first half (all we had time for), that we discovered, after counting the 4 injured/dead players and the 4 KO'd players of his, that he still had 4 remaining on the pitch. Which meant he'd actually fielded a team that had one too many players on the pitch. And still lost. Badly.

I shall now glee a little, at least until the next time he successfully one ups me :-)


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