Mar. 4th, 2008

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I found the following whilst trawling the net randomly, and it amused me enough to share. It's one of those "Who would win in a fight..." things.

Bester vs. Darth Vader

This is an interesting match... the evil psychic vs. the evil demi-god. Darth is one of the most recognizable villains of all time, and has been around since Star Wars. Plus, he has James Earl Jones' voice. Kick ass.

Round 1

Darth, having just sliced Luke's hand off, heads back to Cloud City's docking pad. Along the way, he bumps into Bester, who is reading a book entitled "Bespin on 80 Credits a Day". The book goes flying and hits a Stormtrooper in the back, causing the cover to fall off. Bester turns, enraged. "How dare you! I'm Psi Corps!" he yells, waving his little badge.

Round 2

Vader slices the badge in two with his lightsaber. "Don't piss me off, Chekov!" he yells, and then wheezes a couple times.

Round 3

Bester is pissed! He draws his PPG and shoots Vader in the chest before he can react. Vader looks down at the little indicators on his chest, and noticed that a few have stopped. "Ha!" he wheezes. "You only got the special effects!"

Round 4-7

The two circle, Bester with his PPG, Darth with his lightsaber. The stormtroopers crack out popcorn and Junior Mints.

Round 8

Bester blinks, and frowns. "Why are we fighting?" he asks. Darth tilts his head and thinks. "I dunno. Want to take over the world?" "Sure."

Round 9
Bester and Darth take over the world.


Both of 'em.


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